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The “ADOPT AN ISLAND” Program is a joint effort by the Lake Norman Marine Commission and the Lake Norman Lakekeeper to keep the Islands on Lake Norman clean of “Litter”.  Litter is defined as garbage, rubbish, trash, refuse, can, bottle, box, container, wrapper, paper, paper product or discarded material in any form resulting from domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural operation.

Button bushes and other protected aquatic plants are to be protected and left undisturbed.

In order to systematically keep the Islands litter free, a Volunteer System of Island Keepers is to be developed and maintained.  The attached list of Islands and their Volunteer Island Keepers will be maintained.

An Island Keeper Coordinator will be in charge of maintaining the List of Islands and their Island Keepers and coordinating their efforts.  A system of reporting on the status of this effort will be developed and regular reports will be made to the Lake Norman Marine Commission.  Procedures will be developed to inform all Island Keepers of their responsibilities which will include what can and can’t be removed from the Island shoreline, requirements for disposing of the litter, and specific instructions that either N.C. Wildlife or Duke Power may require.


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